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INTERVIEW: Miriam Walker on her debut novel, Overthrown

Some time ago, we had an exclusive interview with Miriam Walker about her upcoming book titled Overthrown. But today, we are proud to announce the book is finally out!

Miriam Walker has a lot to say about Overthrown and has granted many interviews to discuss her inspirations, thought process, and takeaways from the book. By reading this interview, you might be able to get to know Miriam and the book a little more from the interview.


We interview Miriam Walker and discuss her debut novel, Overthrown.

On ourprevious interview with you, you promised us Overthrown would be ready this year; and you surely delivered. Now this is your debut novel. How does it feel?

Miriam:  I feel happy and fulfilled; it’s my debut novel after all. After dreaming about it and surmounting all hurdles, it’s finally here!

Some of our readers might not know much about Overthrown. Are you able to tell us a bit about it?

Miriam: Overthrown is a story that delves into the past; it takes readers back in time. It talks about ancient rulers, kingdoms and how people probably lived their lives then. Many events unfold in the book but ultimately, the story revolves round the protagonist, Oroma – who she was and the series of events that played a part in shaping who she became. But I would stop here, it’s up to readers to discover what lies within the book. (*winks and smiles*)

The book is written from the perspective of your narrator, Oroma. Had you always planned to write the novel in this way? 

Miriam: Yes, I had always wanted it to be from her perspective. I did that because I wanted my readers and I to be able to relate with the main character, to see from her perspective, to feel the way she felt. I wanted it to feel like the protagonist was talking to the reader.

Once the decision had been made to use this style, was it a challenge to maintain it, or was it just something you adapted to?

Miriam: Once I decided to write the story from her perspective, it began to flow naturally and easily. So yes, I adapted to it.

Some readers would suggest Wami should have ended up with Oroma after everything. But do you feel he had a bigger role to play as an independent chief than just ending up as Oroma’s husband?

Miriam: Right from the beginning, I always knew Wami and Oroma would not end up together because Oroma had always seen him as a friend and brother, even if he had feelings for her. As some people would say, he had been ‘friend-zoned’. I just knew I wanted him to play a different role aside from marrying her. What I didn’t know initially, was what he would finally be and do in the end.

Let’s not get into the book that much and spoil the fun for future readers. Tell readers what they would expect from Overthrown.

Miriam: Readers should expect some African history and culture, that we may not be too familiar with. And of course, there would be that blend of adventure, action, romance and suspense.

After this, what next? Any plans for another book?

Miriam: Yes, I hope to publish more books after this one but that may be much later. Hopefully one day, Overthrown could be made into a film. For now, I just want people to read it and for as long as possible, ‘reign’.

Final question; do you have any advice for the yet-to-be-published writers on how to get published?

Miriam: First, writers who want to have their works published someday, should write. They should keep on practicing to become better writers without relenting. They should have that passion and desire to write.Secondly, they should always have that dream of having their books published without giving up on it no matter how long it takes. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and publish my book ever since I was a child. Thirdly, they should look out for publishers. The internet has made this easier. In fact, that was how I discovered Black Tower Publishers. After finding publishing companies, they should contact them and send those publishing companies their manuscripts. It doesn’t matter if they are rejected; they should keep on trying until at least one ‘clicks’. Finally, have mentors and role models. Such people are important because they have been on that same road before, so the advice they give could help them in becoming better writers and getting published one day. If they know a published writer personally, it would be a great advantage to them. If not, they could take on a role model that would inspire them. Personally, writers like Elechi Amadi, Chibundu Onuzo and Chimamanda Adichie always inspire me and make me believe that this dream of telling my story and publishing a book really is possible.

That was our interview with young talented Miriam Walker. Her book, Overthrown, was published by Black Tower Publishers, and you can order your copies for schools, libraries, prisons, and other public places. 

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